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translated into Italian

Micro Style is a well-known independent Italian Company specialized in designing and writing Technical Manuals in Compliance with the CE Marking-related European Directive requirements.

Our Technical Translation Department offers non-italian Machine & Equipment Manufacturers an accurate and consistent translation/Localization service, guaranteeing the following added values:
Sound experience on main machinery Technologies such as: Mechanics, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electronics, Numeric Controls, PLCs, Field bus Interfaces, Information Technologies, etc., resulting in higher productivity and consistency of translations.
Outstanding capability in handling any type of source material, thanks to the availability of most common software tools such as: Microsoft Office, Adobe Page Maker / Frame Maker / Acrobat / Photoshop, Corel, Autodesk Suites, etc., resulting in perfect 'ready to print' outputs.
Great Experience in translating synthetic context-sensitive texts such as: Alarm & Messages for Machine Tools, on-board plates and warning labels, Software Menus and Dialogue Windows, etc.
Accurate Glossary created and maintained for each customer, to always ensure a consistent Terminology, in compliance with the ISO norm.
Highly competitive prices and short delivery times, thanks to our excellent productivity. Special prices for projects exceeding 50,000 words.

Send us a sample text (max 3 pages) to be translated into Italian (Totally Free!).

Try and submit the translation to your Italian representative/reference person for evaluation.